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The PHP Widget Toolkit

Jordan CM Wambaugh

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For more information on alia, submit a bug, or get the latest copy, see the source forge project page

Welcome to the wonderful world of Alia. Alia is An open-source library for PHP that will revolutionize the way you build web sites. Alia blurs the line between server-side code and client-side code, allowing the author to build complete web applications with one simple, object-oriented interface.


Alia requires PHP version 5.1 or higher. It comes shipped with everything else it needs. (currently, the only third party requirement is the prototype javascript library, which is currently included in the source).


  1. check out the library into any location you choose. It is best to not put the library itself into your document root. This is for security reasons.

  2. create a file in your document root called 'front.php' that contains the following code:

    1. <?php
    2. include '/path/to/alia/lib/Alia.php';
    3. ?>

    This is required by Alia for ajax functionality.

  3. Set up your application:

    1. <?php
    2. //include the Alia library
    3. require_once '/path/to/alia/lib/Alia.php';
    5. //start the session (required by Alia)
    7. //create a simple button
    8. $button new APushButton('hello world!');
    10. //set our button as the main widget
    11. Alia::setMainWidget($button);
    13. //start the application!
    14. Alia::run();
    15. ?>

    Be sure to enter the correct path to lib/Alia.php on line 3.

    The above example creates just a simple button that does nothing, but illustrates how to set up a simple Alia application.

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