Class Alia


Facade for main Alia interface.

Located in /lib/Alia.php (line 29)

Method Summary
 static void addIncludePath (mixed $path)
 static null connect (AObject $source, string $signal, AObject|null $target, string|null $slotMethod, [string|null $jscript = null])
 static void loadFront ()
 static void run ()
 static void sendJScript (string $script)
 static void setLibPath (mixed $path)
 static void setMainWidget (AWidget $mainWidget)
static addIncludePath (line 131)

Adds a search path to Alia's loader (to automatically load your custom widgets, etc)

  • access: public
void addIncludePath (mixed $path)
  • mixed $path
static connect (line 44)

Connects a slot (javascript, PHP, or both) to a signal.

null connect (AObject $source, string $signal, AObject|null $target, string|null $slotMethod, [string|null $jscript = null])
  • AObject $source: The object emitting the signal
  • string $signal: The signal being emitted from the object
  • AObject|null $target: The object receiving the signal (null id none)
  • string|null $slotMethod: The method of the object (the slot) to receive the signal
  • string|null $jscript: The javascript to execute when the signal is emitted (if any)
static loadFront (line 97)

loads the alia front code - essential for ajax funcitonality

The front script handles all ajax calls and javascript includes required for Alia. It is essential to have a front script in your document root, normally called "front.php" (a different name may be used, but front.php is the default. See AApplication for information on how to change it). This script should include Alia.php and then call this function. everything else will be handled by Alia fro that point.

  • access: public
void loadFront ()
static run (line 57)

Helper function to start the AApplication

Execute this function to render your application. This is usually the last function called in an Alia application.

  • access: public
void run ()
static sendJScript (line 118)

Sends javascript to the output buffer.

Call this function when you want to send javascript to the client to be executed.

  • access: public
void sendJScript (string $script)
  • string $script
static setLibPath (line 84)

Sets the location of Alia's lib directory into the loader.

This is normall done automatically, based off the location of Alia.php

  • access: public
void setLibPath (mixed $path)
  • mixed $path
static setMainWidget (line 69)

Sets the main widget for the application

  • access: public
void setMainWidget (AWidget $mainWidget)

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