Class AJScript


Javascript helper

Provides static methods for generating commonly-used javascript. Because AJScript's methods are static, this class need not be instantiated.

Located in /lib/AJScript.php (line 19)

Method Summary
 static void alert ( $text)
 static void convert ( $string)
 static unknown emit (unknown_type $signal, AObject $object, [null|array|string $params = null])
 static void formElementValue (AObject $object)
 static void object (AObject $object)
 static void renderConnection ( $connection)
 static void updateDiv ( $div,  $innerHTML)
static alert (line 90)
  • access: public
void alert ( $text)
  • $text
static convert (line 21)
  • access: public
void convert ( $string)
  • $string
static emit (line 50)

generates javascript for emiting a signal from an object

  • access: public
unknown emit (unknown_type $signal, AObject $object, [null|array|string $params = null])
  • unknown_type $signal
  • AObject $object
  • null|array|string $params: the parameter(s) to be passed with the signal
static formElementValue (line 37)
  • access: public
void formElementValue (AObject $object)
static object (line 33)
  • access: public
void object (AObject $object)
static renderConnection (line 73)
  • access: public
void renderConnection ( $connection)
  • $connection
static updateDiv (line 95)
  • access: public
void updateDiv ( $div,  $innerHTML)
  • $div
  • $innerHTML

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